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10 advice on freezing food

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In today's topic we will bring out an old statement: better safe than sorry! We are in the kitchen today and are trying to prevent fridge cleaning after some of the groceries expired. Instead of leaving the groceries to pass the expiry date, try freezing food and avoid throwing food away.

Food is supposed to be placed on your family table as a part of super delicious dishes and food is not supposed to end up in trash. But sometimes we just don’t get to cook and use all vegetables or eat meat you prepared today.

If you get vegetables and fruits from your own parents or from your grandmother's garden, you will know that they always tend to fill your bags with healthy veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, spinach and others.


There are always a lot of vegetables for your family but sometimes you don't want to eat the same food two or three times a week. And then it happens that a cabbage waits its turn in the fridge until the moment you decide to throw it in the trash because it cannot be used anymore.

Furthermore, even though you regularly freeze meat that you buy on a weekly or monthly bases, you have not yet got used to idea that you can freeze some other foods as well and thus make your next cooking easier.


                            What food can you freeze?

Freezing food



Ova ljetna namirnica raste uistinu brzo i u samo nekoliko dana morate pobrati nekoliko primjeraka. Tikvice možete spremati na razne načine, ali opet, ne možete ih sve pojesti baš sad. Preporučujemo da ih narežete na kockice ili listove, a možete ih zalediti i cijele. U zimskim mjesecima s radošću ćete spremiti domaću tikvicu umjesto da brzo hitate u dućane.


Još jedna zahvalna namirnica za zamrzavanje. Svi radimo ukusne umake i zaledimo ih za zimu, ali rijetko se tko sjeti oguliti nekoliko rajčica i zamrznuti ih za kuhanje ukusne juhe ili za dodatak jelima u koje inače stavljate kupljenu sjeckanu rajčicu ili pelate. Iz vrećice samo odvojite jednu ili dvije rajčice i ubacite ih u posudu.


Another summer vegetable that can wait for a winter in the refrigerator and then dry out and rot. You can always freeze the peppers, maybe make delicious stuffed peppers out of it or use them for a risotto, a roasting, a soup or as a delicious side dish made on olive oil.


You cannot eat this extremely nutritious berry in large quantities. If you are not going to make delicious liqueurs, and you want to eat a handful of health whenever you want, freeze these berries use them when needed.


According to us, carrots are the queen of the kitchen because they go in almost all dishes. Freeze it in one piece, chopped into rings or grated. Trust us on this and you will see how useful it will be when preparing delicious meals.

Cvjetača, brokula, kelj, artičoka

Sve ove povrtne namirnice poprilično su velike i dostatne za više obroka. Odvojite cvjetove od stapke i zaledite ih u vrećici kako biste uvijek imali zdrav i domaći prilog glavnim jelima.


Kad već pripremate pomfrit za svoju obitelj pa malo pretjerate s količinom krumpira, zaledite ih za neki drugi put kad Vam se neće dati guliti krumpire iz početka. Možete ih nasjeckati na kockice za kuhanje s povrćem ili za pripremu u pećnici. Dajte mašti na volju, djeca bi Vam sigurno voljela isprobati i domaći čips. Next time when you will prepare french fries for your family and you see that you exaggerated a bit with the amount of potatoes, try to freeze them for another time when you will not be in a mood for peeling the potatoes from the beginning. You can chop them into cubes that are convenient for preparing it with vegetables or in the oven. Feel free to use your imagination – we are sure that your children would like to try homemade chips.

Bread and other bakery products

The kids haven’t eaten buns and donuts yet, and you already have to thing about buying new fresh bakery products? Just remember how many times your guests came to you on Sundays, and you were short with a supply of bread. From now don't worry about it but freeze bread leftovers or a whole piece. You will very easily get it ready after guests announce their arrival. Also, since holiday bread is almost always dry, now you can prevent it by trying out this technique.

Vacuumed products

Homemade sausages, bacon, vacuum-packed ham, ham, you have all prepared it diligently, but from a long stay in the refrigerator, these foods lose their quality. End this problem by freezing the vacuuming products to further preserve its quality.

Ako su Vam naši savjeti danas otvorili oči, brzo očistite zamrzivač i krenite s prvim punjenjima hranom. Bacite oko na naše blogove sa savjetima oko organizacije i čišćenja domaćinstva i preokrenite cijelu kuhinju!


Soups and sauces

Next time you completely recalculate and make huge amounts of soup and delicious sauces, don’t spill your effort into the sink. Transfer the liquid to a plastic container or bag and use them as a base for a delicious risotto or cover your freshly prepared meat with it. Sounds delicious doesn't it? If our tips opened your eyes today, quickly clean the freezer and start with the first food fillings. Take a look at our blogs with tips on organizing and cleaning the household and turn the whole kitchen upside down!

We are observing your household needs and wishes for new articles on interesting topics. Write us what is bothering you and keep following us since you never know what interesting topic is coming next!


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