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Deluxe cleaning

With a perfect service to loyal guests!

If there is one thing we are sure of it is that guests remain loyal only to the best renters. Blistavi dom Zadar is developing a Deluxe package with which we completely take care of your villa.

Owners of luxury holiday homes can see for themselves that Blistavi dom Zadar is more than a cleaning service. In the new Deluxe cleaning, we have combined the pleasant and useful and offered you an additional service with our regular cleaning package. Deluxe cleaning service includes refreshing the space, preparing gift packages, purchasing unique consumables, preparing surprises for guests and much more. Small details lead to big reservations!

What is included in the Deluxe cleaning?

Vip usluge za vile


Object preparation

Cleaning and refreshing the space before the arrival of guests

Supply of hygienic material

Preparation of all consumables for guests

Spa corner

Details for relaxation

Surprise gift

Three promotional packages for guests in villas

Guest brochure

What to see/eat/visit?

Who is the Deluxe package intended for?

The deluxe package is intended for the best renters who want to gather all the services in one place. If you are a renter who wants to provide guests with much more than just accommodation, this service is created for you.

Package benefits

Service description

For renters who want more than our regular cleaning service, we have prepared a package that saves maximum time and energy. We have brought the services to the highest level so, along with cleaning with top-quality devices, we disinfect and refresh the space, prepare all the materials instead of the client and put our stamp to the preparation of the facility before the arrival of guests. All this for the purpose of complete satisfaction of guests and development of a service that has never been provided to them before.


Additional content

  • Cleaning and refreshing the space
  • Fresh fruit and drinks
  • Package of indigenous products
  • Wonderful gifts for guests
  • Relaxation in the wellness area
  • Assistance in organizing the stay
  • Organization of excursions

If you have not figured it out yourself by now, it is time to tell you how important it is to stand out from other renting facilities. By perfecting the service you offer to your guests, your holiday home will be the first among the best!


Professional service

Why choose us?

  • Guaranteed quality
  • A network of partners
  • Guaranteed guest satisfaction
  • Foreign languages
  • Customer support 24/7
  • Experience in organizing services
Podrška za goste

Service price list

The price of this service depends on the needs of your guests. Before concluding the contract for the Deluxe cleaning, we perform non-binding consultations, so together we create the best offer for your villa.

Fast, high quality, efficient!

Provide a dream stay for your guests!

Do you have more questions?

No problem, call us, chat or send an inquiry via email.

Different than others

24/7 support

24/7 support

Our customer support is at your disposal literally day and night
Great experience

Great experience

In 2020, we did 13,973 hours of cleaning. The experience is on our side :)
Always full of energy

Always full of energy

We always give 100% of ourselves, as if we are on batteries :)

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In addition to Deluxe cleaning, we provide a number of other services
Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning

Thorough cleaning of the holiday home before the rental season
Pool cleaning

Pool cleaning

Pool cleaning and pool water maintenance during Summer months
Villa hosting

Villa hosting

Reservation management, guest support, laundry and ironing, year-round maintenance


Can I select only a part of the Deluxe services?

The choice of the desired services is entirely up to you. Our team will advise you which services to choose in order to provide your guests with a dream vacation. It is possible to choose all the services from the package or only those for which you think the guests will have the most interest in.

Is it possible to add services to the Deluxe package?
What kind of surprise gift are you preparing?
What is the price of a gift package?
What food is most often prepared for guests?

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