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How to save money?

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Did you know that you can clean your household cheaper and smarter than before? There can be significant money savings in the categories of cleaning supplies and equipment as well as hygiene supplies. In the following blog read how to invest in cleaning supplies and equipment and recover your household budget. 

How to save money? This is the question we often ask ourselves and our family members.

The consequence of saving money would include giving up some of the enjoyments and luxuries we treat ourselves with and a complete rebalans of a household budget.

Giving up chocolate, fashion accessories, cigarettes, magazines and other important articles in your household.

You start to follow sales and great discounts in the big supermarkets.


Not only that but moms and dads become enemies who don't allow their children to buy and eat sweets and snacks as they were used to.

Would you really want to be a bad guy in the story?

What if we help you to save up some money from the segment of household cleaning? 

We are sure that you would rather save on these products than on food and other guilty pleasures that your family members share.

Saved money could be spent on family trips, sweets  or/and healthier snacks.


It is time to finish with the introductory words and get to work.

In the continuation read the ways to achieve savings and at the same time enrich your private cleaning service.

How to save money?


1.  Use your old textile

There is no need to buy new cleaning cloths very often. Cleaning service Blistavi dom uses huge number of different cloths on a daily bases. Our advice is to use ripped clothes for instance. If you have kids, we are sure that they outgrow or destroy big amount of clothes. Therefore, use the things you already own. Old beddings will serve perfectly for cleaning windows, and old T-shirts for wiping the dust from the furniture.  

Izbacite iz upotrebe papirnate ubruse. Iako su uistinu povoljni, još je bolje oprati krpe i ponovno ih upotrebljavati, a uz to stvarate i manje otpada.

Try to phase out the use of paper towels and napkins. Even though they are really affordable, it is better to wash the cloths and reuse them and at the same time create less waste. 


2. Do not buy new spunges

Spunges for washing dishes have to be regularly changed to prevent transmission of different bacteria to dishes and cutlery. Besides, spunges tend to get dark with the time so you'll be reluctant to expose it to the looks of your guests. That is the reason why people tend to throw a spunge away too often and replace it with a new one. 

We must tell you - you're making a mistake. Our advice is to replace the spunge indeed, but not to throw it away but in the washing machine. 

Sa starom spužvom možete izribati štednjak ili pećnicu ili je iskoristiti prilikom pranja poda za tvrdokorne mrlje.

The old spunge can be reused to rub the stove or the oven or use it to wash a stubborn stains from the floor. 

Toliko je puno savjeta da ćemo se sad zaustaviti. Operite spužvu i ne bacajte je tako olako, Vaša će Vam kasica biti zahvalna!

There are many advice but we are going to stop here. Therefore, wash your spunge instead of throwing it away so easily and your money-box will be grateful.


3. Buy bigger packages when on sale

Fabric softener, machine wash powder, dishwasher capsules, dishwashing detergent, cleaning supplies, hygiene requisites and the list goes on... Briefly, there are plenty of things that you can buy smarter only if you examine big sales and discounts in supermarkets and drugstores. If you have enough storage place, make sure you stock it with different products.  

You won't have to go to the grocery several times a month but to buy everything at once. Follow supermarket and drugstore discounts and buy large and numerous packages of fabric softener, machine wash powder, tooth paste, toilet paper, shampoo and other cleaning supplies. There are often 1+1 kind of sales and it is a good idea to follow different stores leaflets and even install a mobile app which follows all the discounts. 

Otkrit ćemo Vam tajnu, aplikacija se zove Katalozi.net i njezino je korištenje potpuno besplatno!

We'll reveal a secret - the famous Croatian app for following discounts and sales is called Katalozi.net and you can download it for free!


4. Use food products for cleaning

Yes, it is not a joke - food products are way cheaper and you must buy them as a cooking supplies anyway so it is a win-win situation. Not only are these products more affordable, but are healthier for your household. Therefore, make sure to fill your storage drawers with vinegar, cinnamon, lemon, ketchup, aluminium foil, baking powder and many other groceries. 

The food can help you to fight dirt, bacteria, an unpleasant smell and blurry glass. It would be a shame not to try out some of our advice since there's nothing to lose! ;)


5. Save on water and electricity 

Try to set doing laundry and dish cleaning during the evening hours. At least when it comes to the dishes, before sleeping turn on the device and clear them away in the morning or after coming from work. The sound of washing machine will make you sleepy even more and you'll finish your house work and at the same time save money due to cheaper tariffs. 

Ista stvar vrijedi i za perilicu rublja, ako ste noćna ptica, rublje možete prati u kasnim večernjim satima pa postupak završiti prije spavanja ili sutra ujutro. Pokušajte odjeću prati tek kad napunite cijelu perilicu. Nema potrebe da trošite jednaku količinu električne energije i vode kad je perilica dupkom puna i kad je poluprazna.

The same thing works for a laundry washing machine as well. If you are a night bird, you can do laundry late in the evening and finish it before going to sleep or the following morning. Try to wash the clothes only when you fill the whole machine since there is no need to spend the same amount of electrical energy and water and manage to wash smaller amount of laundry. 


 Start saving today!



P.S. If you need the services of a professional cleaning service in Zadar Region, we are here for you. Find out more about our services on our website: www.blistavidom.hr!